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16.)  Last month, UK's highest Supreme
Court unanimously ruled that
the acting*
Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s order to:
close and stop UK's Parliament for five
after advising the Queen to do so –
was illegitimate and unlawful

llowing Parliament to immediately resume
their duties – instead of wasting time while
time-sensitive Brexit problems remain

So it is British Rule of Law righteously
bringing justice above
: abusers of power
and laws
– and showing that the United
Kingdom is less corrupted than the United

Another success last month for
goodwill, law-abiding and justice-loving:
Americans and peoples everywhere…

When U.S. House Speaker,
Nancy Pelosi formally announced an
Impeachment Inquiry against the U.S.
after series of:
reported violations of laws, scandals and
-blower complaints.

b.)  As one firebrand Democrat
Ilhan Omar explained
about Nancy Pelosi’s decision
 United Nation's: Boss and Officials,

 World Leaders,

 Entertainment Industry and Hollywood
Celebrities (and so on)…

But (of course)—many: amoral,
cruel, irresponsible, inhumane, selfish and
putting profits above: (i) mankind's future,
(ii) the younger generations and (iii) planet

•  against and attacking her,

•  condemning and slandering her,

•  trying to humiliate and destroy—

This Goodwill ""Love- & Justice-
Embodying and Expressing""

World Inspiring & Leading Climate Crisis
Activist, Greta Thunberg

***20.)  However

 Selfless Love (Compassion);



 Light (or Truth);


 Common Greater Good;

…Will Always Eventually Prevail And Be
She wanted to make sure that there was
an opportunity for there to be an
understanding about what laws were
being broken
, and I think it is very clear at
the moment that a law has been broken and
she's ready to move on impeachment as we
have been
, many of us have been talking
about how this president thinks he is
above the law, and how we needed to
hold him accountable
.  [ 3 ]

Congresswoman Omar also said,
… We are not just fighting for one election;
we are fighting for the very soul of our
democracy and what society we want to
.  [ 4 ]

d.)  This Month, More Courageous,
Patriotic, Justice-Loving Americans Are
Whistle-Blowing About Crimes Committed By
The U.S. President – To Encourage and
Enforce Impeachment Process

World Inspiring-Leading Climate
Crisis Activist, Greta Thunberg’s Selfless
and Sacrificial: Thinking, Speeches and
Are Overwhelmingly Endorsed and
Supported By Many Goodwill, Righteous
and Truth-Seeking:

 Catholic Missionaries,

 Democrat Leaders,


 Presidential Candidates,
*  Unlawfully chosen by Tory party, not elected by British peoples.