55.)  Those who sacrifice their lives to
reach the top of world’s highest
—despite they are physically
fitter and stronger (than most people),
are not wise (are totally spiritually
)—because they end up
dying for nothing.

But those who achieve
to reach the
Spiritual Summit within themselves
(without having to sacrifice their
physical life)—then
become Eternally
Liberated, Immortal and Perfected

""Superhuman Beings (or Masters Of
Wisdom and Love)""

56.)  Even the best and fittest mixed-
martial artist (
having combined mastery
of all available different fighting tactics
and techniques
)—finally becomes
disabled, depressed and even
financially broke—after defeated by
someone better and stronger—so what
good is it to be only physically fit ?  

This is proof that Darwin’s theories are
totally wrong.
***53.)  If lacking compassion and
justice, then cannot have morality

If no morality, no spirituality.  

If no """spirituality with living
ethics""", no salvation

In other words—only spirituality with selfless
service can affirm one’s soul salvation

.)  Then literally become an anti-Christ;
lead to self-destruction & perish!

54.)  (If) totally, continuously & willingly:
serving and sacrificing for God, Lord and
eventually achieve: eternal
liberation, immortality
& perfection on Earth!

(But) if selfish, complacent, comfortable &
indifferent during critical End Times now—
then perish from Earth, go to lower world(s)
and continuously suffer
until truly repent
and completely corrected oneself
according to Lord’s Teaching (as
Revelation of God Law)
*  Indeed, when attained """Full (Universal Divine Self)–Realization, Full Illumination & Synthesis""", then achieved the Eternal & Highest Victory Of: One's Predestined &
Goal On Earth—which is more precious & greatly surpasses all earthly achievements (even one who conquered the whole temporary & perishable world) !!!