50.)  Master DK Revealed That,

a.)  All Groups (From Third, Fourth
and Fifth Races) Have To Come
At This Great Final Completion &
Separation Of Fifth Race–

To Give Equal Opportunity To
Undergo The Final Tests Of
Proven By Service and
Sacrifices To God And Humanity, Out
Of Compassion and Gratitude

Only When Passed, Then Can
Confirm Their Eligibility And Fitness

for Higher Sixth Race: Conscio
usness &

b.)  Most Of Mankind’s Peculiar,
Perverted And Weird Ones
* Come
Back From Lemuria And Atlantis.

[  * By their behaviors, lifestyles and/or
artificially-made appearances—
those who
: (i) tattoo their entire body, (ii) dye
their hair with various colors, (
iii) engage in
various perverted acts, (
iv) modify themselves
to look like reptiles or felines; so on..
(iii)  We Will Have Long-Lasting:
Justice, Peace, Harmony And Sharing
Of Abundance — By Spirit Of
Sisterhood, Brotherhood and One
Humanity Family.

Will Truly Enjoy Their New
Life — Under The Totally Just Spiritual
Hierarchy Government (Or Righteous
One World Government).

* * *

49.)  By All-Inclusiveness—Means,
Regardless Of Earthly Differences Like
Beliefs, Culture, Gender, Race and

a.)  To Not Hate Anyone Or Anything.

b.)  To Help Whosoever Is Truly In

c.)  To Not Quick To Judge Others—
As We Do Not Know All The Causes
(Of Their Circumstances, Actions &
); And Cannot See
The Bigger Whole Picture.
Everyone except those who are selfish, greedy, touchy,
rebellious, or having negative, destructive & selfish motives.