(iii)  “their fifth or animal Soul* of
course goes down “the bottomless
pit.” …

 *  Regarding Kama Manas:

I )  As yet but few of the human family work
deliberately and consciously in mental matter
.  The energy exerted by men is mostly
kama-manasic or desire coupled with lower
mind, with a preponderance
, as might be
of desire force.

( II )  Within the Hall of Ignorance kama-manas
The man, weighed down by much
misplaced desire, seeks for the object of his
heart's attention within the murky halls of
densest maya.  He finds it there but dies ere
[before] garnering all the longed-for fruit.  The
serpent stings him, and the joy desired
recedes from out his grasp
.  All seeking thus
the selfish fruits of karma must each despise
each other
; hence strife and greed, ill-will and
hatred, death and retribution, karmic invocation
and the thunderbolt of vengeance characterise
this Hall.

(Master DK, through Alice Bailey,
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire)  ]
9.)  The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett:

a.)  Suppose a case of a monster
of wickedness, sensuality, ambition,
avarice, pride, deceit
, etc., but who
nevertheless has a germ or germs of
something better
, flashes of a more divine
nature — where is he to go?

i)  The said spark smouldering under a
heap of dirt
will counteract, nevertheless,
the attraction of the eighth sphere,
whither fall but absolute
“failures of nature” to be remodelled
whose divine monad
separated itself from the five
principles during their life-time
(whether in the next preceding or several
preceding births, since such cases are
also on our records), and
who have
lived as
soulless human beings.

ii)  “These persons whose sixth
principle [Buddhi] has left them
(while the seventh having lost its vahan
(or vehicle)
can exist independently no