The physical or material cannot evolve
by itself.  Consciousness is the only
reality and the control center.  The
physical or material is just a vehicle or
clothing for the Consciousness (Soul).

2012 and December 21, 2012 marks
the transition into a period of
accelerated purification (final test) for
each individual (Quickening or
Quantum Leap).  Humanity has been
going through a gradual speeding of
evolution, but now it has reached a
transition period where evolution is
greatly speeding up for the planet and

Now is the time for each individual to
take the final test of life, after a long
period of experiences (Reincarnation).  
If we pass the test, we are fit to enjoy
the betterment of the planet.  If we fail,
we are not fit to stay on this planet.  
This is the true survival of the fittest.  
This is the test of only the Heart.
The test of our choice to be
SELFLESS or selfish.  It is the most
simple and honest test ever.

There are all kinds of disinformation,
misinformation, misdirection,
propaganda, misunderstanding, etc
regarding December 21, 2012 or the
whole idea of 2012 End of the World.

December 21, 2012 is NOT THE END
NOT DOOMSDAY but it is a
Divine or Cosmic Transition Date or
Period.  For example, the transition
date or period from the Age of Aries to
the Age of Pisces.  There are
numerous transition dates or periods
according to the Divine or Cosmic Plan.

All Divine or Cosmic Transition Dates
are to assist all beings in their
evolution which is the only true
purpose of life.  It is the Spiritual
Evolution of Consciousness (Energy)
not the evolution of the physical or
material.  We must evolve internally
(Consciousness) in order for the
external (physical or material) to
evolve as well.