And Help to Save our love ones
and family
—but as everyone must
ultimately take full responsibility
their own hands, feet, sweat, even
blood if must) to save themselves —

we can help and guide only.

* * *

At Extraordinary End Times Now —
This Rarest Golden Opportunity

""Is Only ONCE"" (no more 2nd time) !

So The Next 3 Years Is Extremely:
Important, Limited and Precious

Time Is Accelerating To Meet the
Appointed Divine Schedule, So
We Have Less Than 7 Years
""To Correctly Conform with the
Divine Plan and Evolution of
Mother Earth
(D)  Now Is The Best Moment To
Choose True Spirituality

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Especially Young Ones,

Now Is The Best Moment to
Renounce Worldly and Begin to
Focus on True Spirituality

In America and Around the World,
those who Really Aspire and
Strongly Determined to Choose
Spirituality—Should Act Now

As Lord said, “Act, Act, Act!”  

(((  It's Now or Never !  )))

Only through True Spirituality
we can Save our own Soul;