5.)  To Prepare Sixth Race
Consciousness Souls – Enable To
Continue Higher Evolution:

a.)  First in North America (USA);

b.)  Later in Coming
New Sixth
Continent – By Forming and
Merging As One
: Brazil, the Remains
of South, Central and North Americas,
with Emerging Landmass of Sixth

6.)  In other words, USA Will Become
One of Main Gathering Place of Sixth
Race Consciousness Souls – Before
Transfer to New Sixth Continent.
(B)  ""God-Assigned Task"" for
2nd Ray Soul of USA Nation

*** USA’s Soul-Level Assignment

1.)  To Receive, Nurture, Cultivate and
Produce the Incoming New Higher Souls
from Around the World — Becoming
Sixth Race Consciousness

2.)  Then Become co-workers and
servers (known as New Group of World
Servers) of Lord Maitreya’s Mission(s)
– Until Fully Accomplished;

3.)  By Taking Part of Lord’s Plans
and Tasks – To Carry Out to the
End of Complete Success

4.)  To Lead, Teach and Train
Younger Generation of Sixth Race
Consciousness Souls — Becoming
Lord’s Accepted Disciples