7.)  He is also the Embodiment of the
Most Important 2nd Ray.  The 2nd Ray
Love and Wisdom.  It is the Goal and
Most Important Spiritual Principle for
our Present 2nd Solar System.

8.)  Regarding His Spiritual Status, He
Will Very Soon in the Immediate Future
Become A Full Buddha.

9.)  We also know Him As the 'Alpha
and the Omega'.  He will be the World
Teacher for approximately the next
2,500 years and beyond.

10.)  On His Path of Higher Evolution,
He Will Have and Become Lord of His
Own Planet.
5.)  During Atlantis: Sanat Kumara,
Lord Buddha and Lord Maitreya
founded the
Brotherhood of Light, and
brought over from planet Venus the
Intensive, Extensive, Divine Intervention
we know as the Initiation Process.  

Lord Maitreya Is Now Head of our
Spiritual Hierarchy or Invisible Spiritual
Government of Earth.  We also call Him
World Teacher.  He Took Over this
Post from His Brother, Lord Buddha.

6.)  For approximately the next 2,500
years, Lord Maitreya is the Head
Master and Spiritual World Teacher of
All the Masters and Angels.

The Masters are Perfected, Immortal,
Liberated, Super-Human Beings.