More specifically, He witnessed and
experienced the past million years.  He
knows well about those who have and
are still hindering mankind's evolution.  
Sphere of Consciousness, or
Sphere of Influence is now so huge
that He can know mankind's future as
well as mankind's predestined and
preordained goal.  So with His Divine
Wisdom and Courage He has the
Solution to mankind's problems.

3.)  Lord knows all the hidden and
hiding Root Causes of Mankind's
Suffering, Pain, Loss and Miserable
Life with No Justice and No Peace.

4.)  He was First from Mother Earth's
mankind to Achieve the Extraordinary
Highest Level of Spiritual Evolution in
the Shortest Time.
A Short History of Lord Maitreya

Please All Genuine, Sincere and
Serious Spiritual Seekers, the Main
Reason we Choose and Emphasize
Lord Maitreya's Teachings IS:

1.)  From the Beginning, He started as
a simple human being like you, us and
everyone else.  He passed through all
the ordinary and majority of mankind
life on Earth.  He passed through,
experienced, struggled and overcame
all levels of earthly human difficulty and
experience.  So He has an All-Rounded
Knowledge of Mankind's Problems.

2.)  Because of the above-mentioned,
He knows best about mankind's
problems, so He has more True
Knowledge on how to solve mankind's
hardships and problems.