3.)  They consciously, willingly and
totally renounce all worldly praise,
fame, wealth, reputation, status, power
and selfish relationships.

4.)  They mostly stay alone (silence,
solitude and stillness).  They meditate
to materialize God's Divine Plan.

5.)  They are totally and practically
selfless.  They will never charge any
fees for any teaching, sharing, or
providing of food, material, or anything
else they can and need to give.

6.)  They are living examples of Lord's
True Teachings, by totally complying
every day, whole life with His
Teachings through thought, speech
and deed.  No hypocrisy.

7.)  They are proven and practically
living by totally self-forgetting (their
personality).  They totally detach
themselves from and renounce all
worldly things.
Chapter 35 - Guidance and Wisdom,
Part 3

A.  Genuine Characteristics or
Qualities of a True Spiritual Teacher
in this Aquarius Age

1.)  They consciously and willingly
choose to live
low profile, simply,
spiritual meditating and selfless serving

2.)  They do NOT want, nor pursue,
and do NOT accumulate followers or
students.  But they will totally and
selflessly teach, assist, guide and help
proven, sincere, serious and Selfless
spiritual seekers.  They will even help
for the physical livelihood of proven
spiritual seekers, such as providing
them with shelter and food if truly
needed, until they achieve liberation,
immortality and perfection (or achieve
soul-infused personality).