(c)  It is wise to read each and all true
teachings; eventually
lead to fully
assimilating, understanding and putting
together all scattered spiritual facts and
ultimate synthesis).

II)  True Teachings provide for various
levels of seekers—

a)  So one should honestly, sincerely
and humbly assess (or estimate)
own level of consciousness;

b)  By correct co-measurement
(corresponding to one’s):

i)  motive for seeking;

ii)  level of aspiration;

iii)  level of knowledge;

iv)  level of assimilation and
application of true knowledge in
daily life;
Important advice and reminder for
new visitors

Welcome brotherly and sisterly: visitors,
truth seekers and spiritual aspirants,

I)  As Lord revealed that,
True Teachings are given in
sequential order

LMW: So we should similarly: study,
fully assimilate and apply (in own daily
life)—in sequential order, beginning
with the
Basic Spirituality section.

a)  If new seeker begins with the
advanced section, he/she is very sure
to become disappointed—because
cannot understand most of it.

b)  One should not skip ahead
because one dislikes or lacking
personal interest in certain topics of
spiritual teaching.