4.)  Without spiritual ‘tests and trials’,
mankind’s evolutionary advancement,
or Higher Consciousness Evolution will
be unable to continue and fulfill on time.

5.)  Without spiritual ‘tests and trials’,
mankind’s spiritual evolution will be
vulnerable to degradation,
degeneration and devolution.

6.)  Spiritual ‘tests and trials’ are
necessary for affirming, maintaining
and upgrading mankind’s proper
course and direction (without delay
or detour) of Higher Consciousness
Evolution; lead to achieve their
predestined ordainment.

7.)  Genuine Discipleship necessitates
spiritual ‘tests and trials’ to achieve Self-
Control and Self-Discipline and thereby
meet Spiritual Hierarchy’s requirements.
Chapter 42
Spiritual Tests and Trials

Welcome back sisters and brothers!

A.  Tests and Trials:
spiritual advice from our own
perspective and experience

1.)  In order to achieve any worthwhile
advancement, development or
progress, whether earthly or spiritual,
mankind truly needs to pass through
‘tests and trials’.

2.)  ‘Tests and trials’ are to measure
quality of striving and level of:
advancement, development and

3.)  Spiritual ‘tests and trials’ are like
“quality control” instruments or levers to
affirm mankind’s qualification and
eligibility for predestined ordainment.