Southern California, near Mexico.

•  Salton Sea is only 4 miles away from
the San Andreas fault line, one of most
dangerous & longest fault lines beneath
California – making the whole west
coast of United States, and all nations
along the Pacific vulnerable, because
this fault line is connected to the much
larger Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ fault lines.

•  In the past few days, California
Emergency Services (Cal OES)
issued an advisory for earthquake
preparedness; and seismologists
warned there is a high possibility that
California, especially Southern
California will be hit by earthquake(s)
of magnitude 7 or above, during the
coming week, possibly by October 4th.

•  So this especially concerns residents
in Kern, Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange,
Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego
& Ventura counties, etc..
October 1, 2016

Responsible, Loving Care Warning
from Light Middle Way, without
exception or reservation:

For highly possible, potential
catastrophic, destructive &
devastating event(s) – accelerating
& enforcing by Sun and moon..

•  On September 30, 2016,
“black moon” will arise in the sky,
but no one can see.

•  From October 1st to 5th,
Earth will affecting by continuous
powerful solar storms from latest
‘coronal hole or ejection’ from Sun.

•  This past week, a swarm of more than
44 earthquakes between 2.5 to 4.3
magnitude, occurred in Salton Sea, in