3.)  In depth of one’s striving heart is
where revelation of all accumulations
of multitudes of various spiritual

4.)  Is a most vital Law.

5.)  Especially at end times now, with
upheavals and [mankind’s] neglecting
of all higher principles that lead to
[higher] evolution; mankind must hear
the Voice of the Mother of the World
(Maitreya), or women who suffered
and suffering humiliation, calling for
Resurrection of Spirit for the bringing of
Fiery Achievement into all actions of life.

6.)  Only Fiery Sword of Spirit can
purify the planet, in turn enable to
attract higher spiritual energies for
building of strong foundation of new
world; only after smiting and eliminating
all corruption and accumulated pollution
at all levels, and abolishing the old
[ways, structures and forms].  
Chapter 44

A.  Resurrection of Spirit

1.)  What is meaning of
""Resurrection of Spirit"" ?

a.)  The Call of Beauty.

b.)  The Fiery Call for Fiery

c.)  Not only
a succeeding step of
incarnation, but also magnetic
transmutation into higher vibration life.

2.)  Is achievable by Persistently and
Totally Striving through one’s

""Heart and mind"" to achieve Higher
, which can awaken Higher
as Imagination Manifestation.

Note: First, one needs
""free and independent thinking"" ;*
only then can awaken sleeping inner
consciousness. ]
* Can begin by studying the ""For Pondering"" sections: Round 1  /  Round 2.