c.)  And Especially Now:

(i)  With violence and unrest spreading
across the United States,

(ii)  Just Prior to
Total Solar Eclipse
crossing the United States of America,

(iii)  Plus Next Month’s Extraordinarily
Rare 12 Stars Alignment,

(iv)  Plus present Korean peninsula
crisis, on the brink of nuclear war (and
rumors of war).

These are all Heralds (or Signs) of
the ""Reappearance of Lord Christ""

(aka ""The Day of Declaration"")—

When the Four Corners of the World is
enveloping in chaos, fear and uprisings
(by people in many countries).
Section IV.

(I)  """Heralds of Lord Christ’s

1.)  As Lord’s Love Energy (aka Christ
Principle, or Sword of Cleavage) is
continuously outpouring to Earth and

2.)  So in recent times, we are
witnessing Its Effects (through the
following extraordinary world
happenings and events):

a.)  Beginning with the Arab Spring in
the Middle East,

b.)  Follow by the Refugee Crisis in