4.)  Dangerous statements from
Mr. Deepak Chopra:

“Human beings place their desires
ahead of the collective good.”

“When we heed the call of our
deepest desires, we fulfill our true

“Success is the ability to fulfill your
desires with effortless ease.”

“True wealth consciousness is the
ability to have anything you want,
anytime you want, and with least

“If you put your attention on these
laws and practice the steps outlined
above, you will see that you can
manifest anything you want--all the
affluence, money and success you
desire. You will also see that your life
becomes more joyful and abundant in
every way, for these laws are also
the spiritual laws of life that make
living worthwhile.”
(E)  some distorted teachings and
yogas in America

As Holy Scriptures warns us;

At the End Times—there will be many
false: prophets and teachers

LMW: Every Truth seeker & reader
should Always Aware of distorted,
wickedly-interpreted and false

By own Common Sense; Discernment;
Discriminative Faculty and Knowledge.

3.)  Here we provide some examples of
dangerous statements (aka distorted
fragments of teachings) – from well-
known, so-called ‘celebrity gurus’
(or worldly self-claimed teachers) in
America only.