3 Steps of Task (for Lord’s Teachings):

a.)  Clarification (or Correction);

Purification (by Correcting and
Getting Rid of all evil, distorted and
false teachings);

Affirmation With All Correct & True
Teachings – In Conformity with Lord’s
and Other: True Original Teachings

4.)  Therefore, whenever we point out
to Truth seekers and readers about:

(i)  evil & wickedly distorted–

(ii)  dangerous & malicious–

(iii)  misguided, misrepresented &

Many & various kinds of false
d.)  we honestly only serving for God,
through Lord—
out of:

(i)  Selfless Love

(or Pure Compassion);

(ii)  Gratitude;

(iii)  Taking Self Full Responsibility,
by our God-given sacred free will;

(iv)  Highest Devotion and Total
Reverence To Lord

3.)  Thirdly, as we are taking full
responsibility for task to – Carry Out
Lord Maitreya Directed,
Intended, Indicated and Gave to us