(iii)  and Degree of Striving.

*b.)  Because mankind has Free Will to:

i)  Choose GOD for Selfless

ii)  Striving by their own hands,
feet, sweat, even blood
(if must);

iii)  Striving Most Importantly by
(then speech and deed will
spontaneously follow);

iv)  Which Anyone Can Begin (or
Initiate), just by Selfless Thought
for the All Good (or God)
20.)  So life is not for fulfilling selfish
and lower carnal desires;

[ Notes: because inevitably and
eventually leads to more suffering. ]

*** But For Fulfilling Higher Selfless
Desires for Common Good (or God)

In other words,
Life is for Fulfillment
of God and Lord’s assign task(s)

21.)  Everyone has Equal, Full and
All Potential Within to achieve own
Resurrection of the Spirit"";

a.)  But why we have many different
levels (or degrees) of consciousness,
depends on each mankind’s:

i)  Choice,

ii)  Having True:
Teacher and Knowledge