b.)  Cannot awaken, expand and uplift
their consciousness;

c.)  Cannot continue New Higher
Evolution, as Sixth Race

19.)  Unfortunately,

Now at the End Times

*a.)  They have no other choice but to:

(i)  Depart at Appointed Time,

(ii)  Leave their love ones & family
(even by killing them), nation and
planet Earth.

*b.)  They compose the majority of
‘left behind and unfit’ for New Higher
Evolution Now.
*17.)  Lord revealed why most people
are stuck (or fixed) at lower levels of
consciousness [without ever Awakening
and expanding at all];

Because for many lifetimes – during
sleep, their subtle (or astral) bodies
keep on going down to lower strata of
the Subtle World – that corresponds to
their selfish thinking and lower-focused
carnal desires.

Why is it that approximately 142
Americans are dying every day now –
from opioid-related drug overdoses
according to a recent Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention

(CDC) interim report) ?

LMW: Because internally, their
human soul
fully realizesthat they:

a.)  Cannot overcome End Times Fiery
Purification Process of Mankind and
Planet Earth;