(ii) Without New Refreshing and
Beautiful Things.

d.)  Their chosen and focused images
of earthly: lower carnal desires and
selfish thoughts–

(i)  Keeping on Materialize and Coming
Back to them,

(ii)  Even when they Do Not Want it
anymore Now.

***29.)  Always Remember: we
Can Only Reap What we Sowed

(I)  As All Energies Always Follow one’s
Chosen and Focused Thought—lead to
Manifest (or Materialize) in own life—

II)  So why the Mental Plane Is Very
27.)  LMW: Indeed, most Lost:
their Inner Consciousness, their Soul,
and even their Mind.

28.)  They Are Verily Become:
“Living, Walking and Working Dead

Lord mentioned, by Our
apparatuses, We know who are dead.

LMW: whosoever, Without
Thinking—keeps on doing the same
routines and habits—mostly their
consciousness is dead or no more

c.)  Their lives become miserably

(i)  By having the same old, transitory
earthly things,