a.)  Are ‘soap bubbles’ only
(constantly ‘come and go’);

When burst, become nothing,
like dreams

***3.)  But If Ignored one’s
Continuous and Total Striving for
""Self–Spiritual: Salvation, Survival
and Perfection""

a.)  Especially at this Extraordinary,
Biblical and Historic: Turning &
Transition Point of Higher Evolution—
To Enter New Higher Sixth Race;

Then Lose EverythingEspecially
the Most Essentially Important

i)  Own Spiritual Soul!

(ii)  Diamond Rarest Opportunity to
Eternal Liberation,
Immortality and Ultimate Perfection!
2.)  As Lord Buddha and
Lord Maitreya mentioned about

""Fleeting, Temporary, Transitional,
Eventually and Quickly Perishable—
earthly and worldly materialistic

i)  skin deep beauty (not
Eternal Beauty from Fiery Heart),

ii)  fame,

iii)  digital numbers of money,

iv)  wealth with earthly gold, castles,
mansions and palaces,

v)  power as billionaires, kings,
queens, heads of state, CEOs, etc..