Everything in the universe is
interconnected, interdependent and
SHARING willingly or unwillingly and
SHARING consciously or
unconsciously.  As souls, we are fully
conscious that all and everyone and
everything is connected and related to
ONE.  No one or nothing is
independent, and since we are never
independent then the whole universe
SHARE to work in harmony.  This
unity or wholeness is more commonly
known as GOD!  The whole universe is
like a team and each person on the
team has their own responsibilities and
duties, but the most important thing for
the team is
SHARING in order to work
together in harmony.  
naturally Selflessness.  If one person
on the team is selfish then the whole
team is not in harmony or simply put,
the team will eventually fail!

The soul is totally and completely
Selfless!  As souls we are always
SHARING and serving each other,
even sacrificing our physical life when
required for the betterment of all.
As souls, we are never separate or
selfish.  If we explore nature, it is
based on
SHARING, serving each
other and self-sacrifice.

We, as souls, choose to incarnate in
the physical world or dimension
through our own self will.  We all
incarnate for one common purpose,
from the self initiated desire to
Selflessly serve the Divine Plan.  
Basically, we all choose to incarnate as
physical beings with our own free will to
serve a greater purpose, the DIVINE

Each souls has it's own unique role
and duty to serve the Divine Plan, but
we all serve one main purpose, which
is the evolution of consciousness of all
beings at all levels, this is the DIVINE
PLAN.  The more souls that evolve the
better it is for all.  In a class of students
the best scenario is when the whole
class gets a 100% on the exam.