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Important Reminders for the Coming Year 2023
Important Reminders for the Coming Year 2023
December 30th, 2022:

In loving memory of our spiritual co-worker and elder brother ""KW"" who disclosed to us, a few months before his departure last year, that he had fully accomplished what he needed to do (in this particular incarnation).

It is primarily thanks to his selfless devotion to Lord, his spirit of selfless service, and his selfless love for humanity – that this spiritual website came into being – enabling us to purify and share essentially important guidance and revelations from: Lord and other Spiritual Hierarchy Members; the works of other selfless messengers, disciples and aspirants; plus our own contributions and experiences – to serious seekers and visitors from all around the world – especially during this most critical time and crossroad in the evolution of humankind and earth!

* * *

With each passing day, we wake up to a humanity that is getting more and more divided – whether by politics, beliefs and ideologies; or driven by hatred, greed and envy; or based on status, titles, wealth and almost anything that gets promoted enough on news channels and social medias.

2.)  We are led to believe that by siding with these false divisive ideas—we will gain something, some advantage, some result, or that it will make us more secure…

3.)  But these superficial and false (
short lived, only temporary, spiritually bankrupt) divisions—only end up making us more fearful and insecure, even hostile, belligerent and violent—to the point where today, practically every nation, every city, every family and every individual is in conflict (or is suffering from some conflict).

The root cause of mankind's ceaseless and endless: conflicts, miseries and problems is our selfishness.

When we are selfish (or intensely self-centered, or always concerned with ourselves), we are easily divided, and we easily fall for false promises

When we are selfish:

We want someone else, or some authority to tell us: what to think, who to hate, and who to support

We always looking for that person or thing which can give us all the answers, whether its from a political figure, a billionaire, or some talk show host, physician, scientist, expert, guru, organization, technology, etc..

And we like it when they say things like:

"It is the less fortunate ones, and the poor people, that are eating up our resources and making our country poor!"

(ii)  We need only to:
"blame another group of people for all of our problems!"

6.)  When we are selfish—we need to use labels to segregate, or assert our superior status.

We never view ourselves as just another fellow human being.

7.)  Our selfishness drives us to look for supports that further reinforce our selfishness.

When we identify with or believe that our particular: nation, race, ideology, organization, or even spiritual teaching is superior – and everything else as inferior or insignificant – we will then look for examples and authorities which emphasize such divisions.

So division is not caused by others, it starts with oneself.
8.)  At the end of the day, we only support what:

•  Increases our worldly gains.

•  Reinforces our false and convenient: beliefs and labels.

Our modern society and modern way of life has conditioned us—basically brainwashed into believing that we have to be selfish to survive.

The enslaving money system of today—which is based on the ruling elites'
monopoly and control over most our world's natural wealth and resources—forces us to labor for printed notes (monies) with which we must depend on and exchange for our survival and livelihood—while reinforcing a divisive spirit of competition (based on an illusion of scarcity).

The harder we have to work to
earn their printed notes, the more importance we attach to money; and if we still struggle to meet our daily livelihood and expenses, that makes us more calculating and opposed to giving and sharing.

The more afraid we are of losing or lacking money, the more we are driven into a spirit of competition, separateness and un-generousness.

Lord Maitreya pointed out that, Commercialization

Means making money while others starve.

Is more destructive than any nuclear bomb.

This negative energy, which recoiled from the battlefield, will create a very hostile world.

LMW: With commercialization—practically anyone and anything can be bought or traded like a commodity or business deal (always for some selfish gain or profit)—where even hospitals and schools have to put profitability (above) excellence and morality in caring for our health and upbringing.

Even the foundation of the family has been polluted by commercialization, with husbands and wives often assessing loss and gain with each other – showing there is
no real love, only self-serving calculations.

Selfishness in any relationship eventually makes it a hollow, destructive and false relationship—
rife with: hurt feelings, resentments, jealousies, possessiveness, ingratitude, indifference, even infidelity, betrayal, bitterness, violence and tragedy.

When we are selfish and only pursuing worldly gains – we can never achieve harmony: neither within ourselves, nor with our fellow human beings.

Lord Maitreya said that, one of the most important aspects of life is Right Relationships with ourselves, with others, with other countries, with the natural world, with animals, and so on..

LMW: Expressing and creating Right Relationships is only achievable through SELFLESS LOVE—our original primary nature

Forget not that we are an integral part of the whole Universe, that we are GOD's children and creations—and that the core nature of GOD and the whole Universe is SELFLESS LOVE.

Cooperation, Right Relationships and Unity Of Mankind Are
All Achievable Through SELFLESS LOVE.

The nature of GOD is NOT: commercialization, calculated moves and their excuses like: self-preservation, dog eat dog world, or zero sum competition.

Mother Nature nurtures us with limitless air to breathe, as well as water to drink and keep ourselves clean – and gains nothing from us for doing so – neither do the trees and flowers demand compensation for producing their fruit or fragrance — and nor is it in our original primary nature to count and calculate.

When we are SELFLESS—we cannot be lured or convinced by any divisive: ideas, beliefs and arguments.

14.)  We are spiritually empty and restless inside because we have neglected the True Purpose of Life, which is
""The Evolution Of Our Inner Consciousness, through SELFLESS LOVE"" (for example, through giving, caring, sharing, serving and sacrificing for the greater good, without expecting personal gains, from one's open heart).

But we are instead, completely focusing on fleeting and perishable things: like our physical appearance; gaining popularity; accumulating money and titles; moving up in the world; or spending all our leisure time on entertainment, manmade technologies, sensual pleasures, etc. – all of which is making us completely self-centered and egocentric!

15.)  We are not using technology for expressing: Selfless Love and Right Relationships.

We are only using technology to make ourselves feel more attractive, more popular, more secure; or to increase our wealth; or to gratify fleeting desires and lusts – yet we still end up feeling even more: anxious, empty, fearful, lonely, sad or depressed.

The wrong use of technology is making us colder and more distant towards each other – it is making us more selfish and insensitive, and away from warmth and compassion.

16.)  Money is not root of all evil, money is directed by the intention of the user. If the user has a selfish or greedy purpose in mind, that will have a destructive or evil result.

But if the user honestly and genuinely wants to: help less fortunate people; to make the world a better place for all; for justice, truth, the greater good, etc. – the result will be beautiful, constructive, elevating and positive (both to others and the user)!

Money, technologies and other physical world things are just tools – the problem is that we are using these tools to further feed our selfishness.

Too many charities, churches, fundraisers and other non-profit organizations are run with
insincere and selfish intentions – for tax breaks, for kickbacks, for business connections and favors, or for a respectable image or reputation, etc. – so they are only pretending to be selfless and virtuous!

17.)  Many of us wrongly and mistakenly believe that when you start hearing about things like: the Greater Good, Sharing and Selflessness – that must be referring to
Socialism – and that Socialism is bad…

Imagine a family where all its members are Selfless (in their thoughts, words and deeds) towards each other… Would we call such a beautiful loving family as a bad thing, or bad because it sounds like Socialism?

Selflessness (or Selfless Love) is the true nature of Family – it makes possible all positive and right things like: Cooperation, Mutual Trust, Shared Prosperity, Justice, Peace and Harmony!

As Lord Maitreya the Christ said, “If you want to be happy, make sure that your neighbour is happy. If you are rich and he is poor, then share with him.”

And the Holy Bible taught, "Love thy neighbor as thyself" and "let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth."

LMW: No matter which religion—the most important teaching is SELFLESS LOVE.

GOD creates out of SELFLESS LOVE – our Sun radiates SELFLESS LOVE energy – Mother Nature nourishes and sustains us with: air, water, food and minerals out of SELFLESS LOVE – and likewise, the spiritual goal and destiny of Human Beings is to achieve SELFLESS LOVE!

If we want to get rid of fear—then choose SELFLESS LOVE over selfishness.

a.)  Fear is the direct result of selfishness—because we are always thinking about ourselves, about the
'me', about losing something, or not getting the result (or outcome) that we want.

b.)  Even aspirants and disciples can fall into this selfishness trap – when they are more concerned about their own
level of attainment or initiation, or by chasing after spiritual: miracles, visions or powers. This pitfall and error can be corrected through goodwill sharing and self-forgetting service for the common good, justice and/or truth.

Other difficult-to-notice pitfalls include: over-emphasis on organizing, structuring and growing the size of a working group; or when scholar-like studying and teaching – leads to immobility and failure to ponder, understand and apply true teachings in daily life.

c.)  Ambition, competition, hatred, greed and pride cannot remove fear. No matter how many external enemies one subdues – fear and insecurity will remain, because still selfish!

As Fourth Buddha Gautama said,

“It is a man’s own mind that lures him to evil ways—not his external enemy or foe.”

The fools, the ignorant, are their own greatest enemies—for they do evil deeds which bear bitter fruits.”

LMW: What we have been taught about "survival of the fittest" is distorted and false – because ""spiritual fitness"" is really the most important.

Those who are selfish and calculating may physically survive for a short period – but emotionally and mentally they are degenerating, and
spiritually dying.

A person who is very smart, but also selfish – can develop a nervous disorder which then impairs his intellect and motor functions. Another selfish man who enjoys cheating and defrauding others can end up with a cancer diagnosis or crippling accident. Can their shortsighted selfishness protect them from the Law of Karma?

And it is not like they can take their ill-gotten gains with them when they die – just as we are born naked, we cannot take anything earthly with us either when we depart – including our earthly loved ones and property.

Worse still is that the future is predestined for those who are both selfish and
willfully ignorant

“All seeking thus the selfish fruits of karma must each despise each other; hence strife and greed, ill-will and hatred, death and retribution, karmic invocation and the thunderbolt of vengeance characterise this Hall [of Ignorance].”

(From an old passage mentioned in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire)

LMW: So "survival of the fittest" in reality means, and should be called ""Survival of the Selfless"".

a.)  Those who are Selfless always survive or endure spiritually – as they are in harmony with themselves, with other living beings, and the universe – and in communion with Lord and GOD.

When we are SELFLESS — we only practice the ultimate truth, which is serving for the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity and Consciousness, and that we are all brothers and sisters from the same One Father (or Divine Creator).

As Fifth Buddha Maitreya said, “We are all sparks of the Almighty.”

LMW: One of the most important truths to remember is that:

We all belong to One Greater Family, which is Humanityno matter what the superficial distinctions or temporary divisions are: like our skin color, nationality, beliefs, social status, financial status, and so on..

SELFLESS LOVE holds the KEY to solving ALL of our complicated and ceaseless: divisions, disharmonies and conflicts (both within and without).

23.)  As we all live and dwell within GOD – when we are selfish and only pursuing the mundane – we literally become like a cancer cell: to the planet, to the whole universe, and to GOD!

Selfishness makes us destructive in every aspect of our lives – it makes us destroy our own relationships with our family members and others – it makes us destroy the lives and futures of our children. We have no respect for nature – we mistreat and misuse the animals – we pollute our environment and destroy the balance of ecosystems.

We, human beings, cannot continue on like this anymore — whether we choose to totally change or not – the Universe will always move to restore balance and equilibrium – meaning whosoever is causing imbalance will end up getting purged!

As LORD has been warning us for more than 43 years, “Man must change or die, there is no other course.”

LMW: We are at the CROSSROAD now more than ever — and we have only TWO CHOICES:

I.  We can blindly continue to live selfishly – and our conflicts, divisions and disharmonies will end up destroying us…

II.  Or we can try our best to express SELFLESS LOVE in our daily lives — which will open the way to cooperation and harmony: with ourselves, with each other, with other countries, and with nature, our planet and the whole Universe!

Only SELFLESS LOVE will unite us and save Humanity!

When we strive to be SELFLESS – we are moving in the right direction towards our Divinity — as GOD IS SELFLESS.

When Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” [John 14:6]…

It can be more simply understood to mean that SELFLESS LOVE, the energy which Lord Christ embodies, is the only way to GOD!

LMW: Therefore when we try our best to be SELFLESS, that is when we start to be reborn – that is how we become a truly ""Born Again Christian"" !

Imagine Living a Life with Pure Joy and No Fear — Through SELFLESS LOVE, We Can Definitely Achieve Right Relationships And Unity Of Mankind !

Remember that in order to change the world, we first have to change ourselves…

•  Blaming others will
not: bring about any positive or constructive changes.

•  Blaming gets in the way of: self-responsibility and self-reflection; in admitting our own flaws and mistakes; and in striving to change, correct and perfect our inner consciousness.

•  Blaming our parents, or our upbringing and society for our selfishness (or) arguing that
'people will step all over me if I am humble and generous' – are all just excuses.

Our Sun does not suffer at all despite it is always giving and providing.

27.)  When we do NOT want to become SELFLESS, we will find endless excuses. We will look for all kinds of contrary and negating: quotes, expert opinions, false teachings, false sciences and other proofs – to support our selfishness (or selfish calculations).

Our intention is the key. Many of our actions can appear to be selfless, but if our intention is nonetheless selfish, then it is absolutely useless (without any spiritual merit)!

This is why total self-sincerity and self-honesty is so essential!

•  We must be totally honest and sincere with ourselves – to face our own selfishness. We also need to understand that selfishness eventually leads to our destruction.

We need to totally de-condition ourselves of the falsehood that: selfishness will somehow help us to succeed or prevail…

We need to stop: calculating and making excuses…

We need to point the blame back to ourselves (upon our selfish mind), and change back to SELFLESS!

●  There is no secret or complicated teaching that needs to be discovered; nor do we need to find the right church or temple to discover it – our True (Soul) Nature IS SELFLESS LOVE!

“For behold, the kingdom of God is within you!”

(Luke 17:21)

We need to stop listening to our mind – And Start Listening To Our HEART.

We need to radically change ourselves individually – by becoming SELFLESS again.

We must first change ourselves to change the world!

“It is necessary to crucify only oneself! We shall grow immeasurably by practising this severity upon ourselves.”

(Helena Roerich)

SELFLESS LOVE is actually contagious — it is the antidote to mankind's many and various problems and ills — and the solution for our: anxieties, boredom, confusion, depression, division, disharmony, falsehoods, fear, injustice, irritation, over-accumulation of knowledge and objects, over-thinking, selfishness and wrong relationships!

* * *
Blessings To All Our Brothers and Sisters Around The World — Let Us All Safely Pass Through All The Coming Dangers — And Enter the Long-Awaiting New Golden Civilization And New Era Of Long-Lasting: Cooperation, Justice, Peace, Harmony and Abundance For All !

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Some Relevant & Important Observations from Jiddu Krishnamurti:

“What we have been discussing is the problem of change. I think most of us realize the necessity of change, not only outwardly, in the economic and social world, but primarily at the psychological level of our existence. When we consider change, we generally think in terms of superficial level. We mean the change that must take place in the relationship of nations, of groups, of communities, of races. We talk of economic and social revolution, and how to bring it about – and there the majority of us stop. We are satisfied with intellectual concepts, verbal formulations, or with the vision of a new world to which we can give our faith and for which we can sacrifice ourselves. So, we see the necessity of change; but I feel a radical change can take place, not at the periphery, on the outside, the circumference, but only at the centre, that is, at the psychological level. … and perhaps this morning we can approach it from the point of view of authority, and how authority prevents a fundamental change. There is the authority of knowledge, the authority of one’s own experience, the authority of memory, the authority of what others say, the authority of the interpreter; and wherever the mind clings to authority, is hedged about by it, obviously there can be no radical change.”
Ojai, 10th Public Talk, 1952

“… Each one of us has built up this civilization, each one has contributed towards its misery; each one is responsible for its actions. We are the outcome of each other's actions and reactions; this civilization is a collective result. No country or people is separate from another; we are all interrelated; we are one. Whether we acknowledge it or not, when a misfortune happens to a people, we share in it; as in its good fortune. …

“… Each one of us has built up this competitive, ruthless civilization, in which man is against man. You want to root out the causes of war, of barbarity in others, while you yourself indulge in them. This leads to hypocrisy and to further wars. You have to root out the causes of war, of violence, in yourself, which demands patience and gentleness, not bloody condemnation of others.

“Humanity does not need more suffering to make it understand but
what is needed is that you should be aware of your own actions, that you should awaken to your own ignorance and sorrow and so bring about in yourself compassion and tolerance. You should not be concerned with punishments and rewards but with the eradication in yourself of those causes that manifest themselves in violence and in hate, in antagonism and ill will. In murdering the murderer you become like him; you become the criminal. A wrong is not righted through wrong means; only through right means can a right end be accomplished. If you would have peace you must employ peaceful means; and mass murder, war, can only lead to further murder, further suffering. There can be no love through bloodshed; an army is not an instrument of peace. Only good will and compassion can bring peace to the world, not might and cunning nor mere legislation.

“You are responsible for the misery and disaster that exist,
you who in your daily life are cruel, oppressive, greedy, ambitious. Suffering will continue till you eradicate in yourself those causes that breed passion, greed and ruthlessness.

“Have peace and compassion in your heart and you will find the right answer to your questions.”

Ojai, 7th Public Talk, 1945

“If the meditator does not know himself, his meditation is of little value and becomes even a hindrance to comprehension. Without self-knowledge meditation is not possible, and without meditative awareness there is no self-knowledge. If I do not understand myself, my cravings, my motives, my contradictions, how can I comprehend truth?

“If I am not aware of my contradictory states, if I am passionate, ignorant, greedy, envious—meditation only strengthens the self-enclosing process; without self-knowledge there is no foundation for right thinking; without right thinking thought-feeling cannot transcend itself.”
Ojai, 7th Public Talk, 1945

Additional Reading:

Ojai, 7th Public Talk, 1945

Ojai, 1st Public Talk, 1949

Audio PlaylistOjai, 14x Public Talks, 1949

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Some Relevant & Important Reminders From The Agni Yoga Teachings:

“…There are those seeking inner peace who are filled with selfishness and false modesty, and believe that they will acquire inner peace by doing nothing. These are not bad people, they do no evil, but their "good" is of little value. What kind of peace can come from inertia? True inner peace can be likened to Nirvana, in which all the energies are so intensified that they are unified in their ascent.”
Agni Yoga, Supermundane, 254.

“… When the indolent consciousness considers the community a harmful nonsense. It is best to by-pass such living corpses. Some kinds of people cannot comprise the community, but all those in the category of attacking ones must be indignantly excluded from social intercourse. It must be understood that even the smallest contact with these organisms is harmful. Here there can be no question of kinship. …”
Agni Yoga, New Era Community, 144.

“… If you see attacks upon useful undertakings, look attentively and you will see that the persecutors have not even the slightest degree of harmony within themselves. Study them and you will observe the inadequacies of their reasoning faculties and learn how to resist their trickery. …”
Agni Yoga, Supermundane, 345.

“… People do not stop to realize that they are surrounded by experienced destroyers.

No one repeats the need to turn to the Stronghold of Good [Spiritual Hierarchy]. …”
Agni Yoga, Supermundane, 45.

“… Let us transmute all our energies. We should start from the most stubborn energy, which is egoism (that furious dragon of selfishness with its long tail), self-conceit, love of power, self-love, touchiness, irritability, fear, doubt and other similar decorations.

And we should replace them with:

The wings of affirmed unity;

Complete solidarity with all the co-workers;

Acknowledgment of [Spiritual] Hierarchy;

Joyous strengthening of the given tasks;

Tolerance and gratitude for the right directions.

We should conclude
with—trust to the very end. All this transmutation is so simplified when hearts burn with devotion and love to the One who calls to construction and who points out the way to the Tower.”
Letters of Helena Roerich

“The essence of fiery advancement comes from various affirmations of spirit. The chief factor will be the development of self-activity. In self-activity will be contained love for Hierarchy; in it will be contained a feeling of responsibility and a true understanding of Service. Thus when we speak of self-activity, one should understand that it includes all qualities of higher affirmation.

When a co-worker takes upon himself the development of self-activity, his field of action becomes unlimited.
Hierarchy becomes the fiery impetus of all his actions. No attacks, near or far, are frightening to the co-worker, because he knows fiery service. Therefore it is so important to purify one's consciousness from selfhood.

But the co-worker must be prepared to accept all difficulties, knowing that Service to Hierarchy is the highest attainment.”

Agni Yoga, Fiery World III, 39.

●  “Various religions deal with the idea of the continuity of life, but these hints are not sufficiently convincing or people would try to prepare themselves for better progress. Some people try to buy a better future with monetary donations, but gold has no value in the Subtle World.

Good deeds combined with a good consciousness will bring joy on Earth and in the Supermundane Realm. If the instrument is tuned, it will resound in harmony with the higher spheres.”
Agni Yoga, Supermundane, 362.

“Sometimes people hope that there will appear a Guide who will save them from any abyss. These selfish people do not understand that the Guide suffers when descending into the lower spheres.

Others think that there is enough time in Infinity, and that while on Earth they can enjoy themselves without limit! Alas, once beyond the earthly boundaries, they will learn to evaluate their losses.”
Agni Yoga, Supermundane, 362.

“Upon leaving the earthly sphere the spirit is intensified in the consciousness of the achievements which were dominant in that life. The life of a man has, as it were, its leit-motifs, and upon these songs, or laments, the spirit is intensified.

“The achievements of the spirit lead upward, and
departure from the earthly sphere is always a joy for the spirit which has realized the luminous achievement of Service. Even during physical pains the spirit surmounts all earthly infirmities. In the breaking away from Earth the bond with the Higher Worlds, to which the spirit aspires, is affirmed. The ladder of ascent is built upon the devotion to Hierarchy.

But the spirit which dwells within the confines of selfhood has no other path but grief. Breaking away then is frightful, and the spirit is for a long time attached to the earthly sphere.

“Many hearts which have accepted the power of Service aspire to the Higher Worlds. A ray of help is extended to the devoted disciple.
On the path to the Fiery World let us remember about parting from the earthly sphere with the joy of Service to Light.”
Agni Yoga, Fiery World III, 68.

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