However, One's Spiritual Soul Is the
Same One, Following Us Since the
Until: (a) this World Cycle
Ends, or (
b) One Becomes 'Monadic-
infused Personality'.

[ Note: So Now (at end of World Cycle),
Those Who
Chose And Continuously
Doing and Expressing as: ignorant,
selfish and/or indifferent – (
i) Will Prone
To (
eventually lead to) Lose their
Spiritual Soul; (
ii) Also (this majority)
Must Wait Minimum 1 Million Yearsfor
another opportunity in a future Cycle.

3.)  An 'Integrated Personality' is a
stepping stone (or vehicle) to approach
One's Spiritual Soul.

Integrated Personality means
: One who
coordination of own physical-,
- and lower mental- bodies;
after becoming an

Those who did not achieve 'Integrated
Personality', we can only call 'Persons'.
C.  The Personality

Let us secondly ask the question:

"What is the Personality?"

1.)  The Personality is One's Earthly
, Secondary False Nature:
(selfish; materialistic; false: ego / pride;  
physical-, lower emotion- & lower mind-
focused-consciousness; etc..)

2.)  Our Personality only lasts for one
earthly lifetime
; at most a hundred
years.  Next
life, another different
Will Replace: To Learn
Different Lessons, or Repeat Previous
Unsolved and Not Yet Learned Lessons.

As E
ach Mankind usually having
thousands of different
with a different Personality each time
so One having many different
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