2.)  Ignorance is darkness.

Ignorance is One Lacking True

Ignorance is Not Knowing about One's
Actual, Original ""Primary Identity, or
Spiritual Soul Nature"", which includes:
Immortal Life, All-Inclusive Love,
Selfless, Sharing, Joy, Fearless and
Desiring Only To Serve for God.

3.)  Ignorance is the Root Cause of
Mankind's many and various Miserable
and Endless: Suffering, Pain,
Sickness, Premature Aging and
Premature Death Following By
Never Ending Vicious Cycle of Rebirth.
Chapter 36 - Ignorance:
Root Cause of Mankind's Suffering
and Misery

Hello again, dear sisters and brothers!

A.  Ignorance

Let us first ask the question:

"What is Ignorance?"

1.)  There are two types of Ignorance:

Not Educated and Not Learned.  
More easily to Accept and Adjust
because totally 'empty-minded' (Not Full
with False Knowledge).

Educated and Worldly Learned.  
Much harder to Change or Accept
Truth because of their worldly False
( 2020-04-16: corrected to Spiritual Soul;
Divine Soul is higher. )