Please always remember ignorance
and complacency is NOT bliss.  
Ignorance and complacency is self
imprisonment.  Selfishness is NOT self
preservation.  Selfishness is self
destruction.  We always and absolutely
reap what we sow.  We absolutely are
what we think.  Think negative and
selfish and our life will be filled with
negative and selfish which is life with
fear or hell on Earth.

The selfish top few are constantly
trying their best to keep us divided and
confused through media, education,
religion, science, psychology, etc.  
They will use any and all methods to
keep us divided.  Divide and conquer.

We are divided because we blindly,
ignorantly and carelessly believe the
lies, illusions, and misdirections.  We
are too busy competing, disagreeing,
judging, etc.  We are too busy worrying
about the physical world and the small
things that are irrelevant and
insignificant.  As long as we are
divided and confused then we are
focused on all the wrong things which
make us even more divided and
confused.  The selfish top few want to
maintain the illusion that we have no
power at all and all the power is in their