Intuition and wisdom can only come
from the Heart.  We carelessly, blindly
and falsely believe the mind is more
powerful than the Heart.  The Heart is
Divine so it is the most powerful.  The
mind is physical and the physical is
always lower than the Divine.

Some might think that being sincerely
humble makes us weak, but in reality
humility actually shows that we are
extremely strong.  Humility is only
possible when we do not have fear.  
Please always remember when we are
selfish we use our mind.  The mind is
based on fear.  We usually deal with
fear by becoming more selfish.  Being
more selfish does not actually solve
the problem of fear and it will increase
fear.  As we can see this is a vicious
cycle of selfishness and fear.  This is
life with fear or hell on Earth.  True
suffering is selfishness because fear is
the direct result of selfishness.
Please we must stop the cycle of
life with fear now and choose to be
Selfless.  As soon as we choose to
be selfless, fear will immediately
start decreasing and eventually
disappear.  When we are selfless
we are not concern with any loss
and gain so automatically and
naturally there is no fear.  Please
choose to live a life with Love or
Heaven on Earth.  We do have free
will choice.

The only way to get rid of fear is to
be Selfless.  The only way to rely
on the Heart instead of the mind is
to be Selfless.  Sharing is Selfless,
so we can start sharing with
others, whether it is sharing our
food, money, time, etc.  Please
always remember we must share
sincerely with no expectations at
all.  Love conquers all.