This Global Uprising of Love and
Sharing is the best opportunity ever.  
Please do not miss this best Divine
Opportunity.  We reap what we sow.  
GOD and the Spiritual Hierarchy love
us more than we love ourselves
because They are inspiring this Global
Uprising (Evolution) and providing us
this best opportunity to change for the
better (Selfless).  It is a Final Grace
from GOD and the Spiritual Hierarchy to
humanity before the End Times.  
Please accept this Final Grace with
Love and unite together with Love.  

Please make the most of this Divine
Opportunity to change from
life with
to Life with Love, or lose it forever
as "time waits for no one."  The whole
universe is constantly expanding and
transforming for the better and
absolutely cannot be hinder, slow down
or obstruct by anyone.  All hindrances
and obstacles to the expansion of the
universe (consciousness) will eventually
end up destroyed (lose their existence)
including humans who are not willing to
change for the better.
This Global Uprising is a Final Test for
humanity (individuals).  Selflessly
uniting together in peaceful protest
and demanding for true justice is the
Divine Path (unity, greater good, love,
selfless, harmony, etc.).  

But ignorantly, stubbornly, carelessly
or selfishly going against true justice is
the same as going against the Divine.

Being indifferent, or complacent, or
thinking that none of this is of any
concern, or striving to maintain
'comfort zones' is also the same as
going against the Divine because it is
also selfish no matter how one looks
at it.  Because thinking that the unjust
treatment of others does not concern
one is plain selfish.  Imagine being
unjustly treated and being helpless
and no one is concern with our
mistreatment or coming to our aid.