Everything in the universe is based on
harmony.  The only real and true
purpose in the whole universe is to
expand and then attain harmony, then
to expand again and then attain
harmony again, and again.  Resisting
Evolution (
Love - Selfless - Harmony
Divine - Honesty - Sincerity -
Detachment - Humility) will
eventually lead to self destruction or
non-existence.  Not uniting with the
Global Uprising (Evolution) is exactly
the same as self destruction.

Disharmony will naturally and
eventually return back to harmony
because it is the natural state of being
or equilibrium.  It is only a matter of
time.  Stubbornly, ignorantly,
carelessly and selfishly being attached
to disharmony will lead to eventual self
Since this Global Uprising is an
Evolution, it is guaranteed success, so
it would be the greatest missed
opportunity for anyone and everyone
who do not unite with their Heart.  
Please always remember Evolutions
are inspired by the Divine so it is fully
supported by the Divine (the
and GOD).

For those who do not unite or stay on
the sidelines, it is the same as being
on the greatest losing side in the
history of humanity.  Therefore we
must unite with this Global Uprising
(Evolution) for our own good.  GOD
granted us free will so we have to
make our own choices, but it would be
unwise to choose to be selfish or stay
on the sidelines.  It would be unwise to
choose the mind or life with fear.  
Please choose life with Love (Heart)
for our own sake.  Please use the
grace of free will wisely.