This is actually not a revolution but an
EVOLUTION (Evolution or Expansion
of Consciousness).  Revolutions can
be corrupted, can be for the wrong
reasons, can be for selfish intentions
and purposes, success cannot be
guaranteed, not initiated by the Divine,

Revolutions are not always for the
greater good so they will not always
bring about positive changes.  Even
the selfish top few can start
revolutions.  Evolution (Divine) always
brings about positive changes
because it is always for the greater
Evolution is inspired by the Divine.  It
does not come from our mind but from
the Divine through our Heart (Love -
Selfless - Divine).  Revolutions always
come from our mind (fear - selfish).  
Since revolutions are not from our
Heart, they are always based on fear.  
When it is from the Heart then it is
always an Evolution and it is only
based on Love (Selfless - Divine).

When we use our mind it is always
negative because it is always based on
fear so naturally more tendency to be
selfish.  If we use, trust and have faith
in our Heart, all our choices and
decisions are based on Love so we
are absolutely Selfless.  Please do not
live with fear (mind) but live with Love
(Heart) every moment of life.