We must inform as many people as
possible about the Lord’s Second
Coming which has already taken place.
We must inform as many people as
possible about the soon coming "Day
of Declaration" and Heaven on New
Earth.  We must try our best to inform
whether others listen or not and
whether others believe or not.  Since
there is free will, we must inform with
greater effort to others who are willing
to listen.

We must regularly practice the
incantation of the Great Invocation and
the New Age Mantras with our mind
and HEART (never for any gain) and
we must try our best to understand the
We must choose by our own free will to
serve and cooperate with GOD out of
gratitude and SELFLESS LOVE.  True
gratitude and LOVE of GOD can only
be proved by SELFLESS LOVE
service for the Divine, Divine Plan and

We must try our best to always express
our souls’ nature.  For example,
sharing and service to others without
any expectations or gain.  Another
example is sacrificing for the real
greater common good or GOD not
some political or religious agenda.  
This is SELFLESS LOVE and our
souls’ nature is SELFLESS LOVE.

We must follow & practice the Lord's
true teachings as a way of life,
especially SELFLESS LOVE.