The only reason we experience so much
pain and suffering is because we have
been wrongly taught for many years that
material gain is the symbol of success, is
most important, or is the purpose of life.  
Material gain is at most only for one
lifetime, or sadly sometimes, just a couple
of years.  Spiritual gain however is eternal.

We normally have free will to choose
between material or spiritual gain.
However, this is adjustment time,
so the majority of us will go through
material loss which is already apparent
globally and this is only the beginning.

As Buddha mentioned that the main
cause of suffering, misery and pain is

Buddha also mentioned that all things in
the physical world is non-permanent and
just an illusion.

Even if we become the king of the world,
we will loss everything when we die,
except our spiritual gains.
Our wise ancestors and spiritual teachers
have time and time again given us many
reminders and advices about the end of
the age, or the end of the 'material age'
(selfish and unjust).  Or to be more
accurate, the transition from the age of
the material world to the age of the
spiritual world (New Golden Age –
Age of Awakening and Enlightenment).  

The Divine Plan and schedule dictates
NOW is the time when all existing
systems, forms, etc based on greed,
selfishness, injustice, false ideas, fear,
control and division...

...Must be replaced with the new,
based on justice, selflessness, sharing,
cooperation, right relationship,
compassion, truth and unity.  

As the saying goes, “Time waits for no
one,” so the Divine schedule and coming
changes waits for no one either.