We have already mentioned in previous
chapters that we experience the most
emotionally painful, misery and
suffering from losing our material well-
being through either man-made or
natural causes.  Especially financial
hardships, with more and more
unemployment everyday; and in
relationships, such as marriages.  
These are not isolated incidents,
they are happening globally.

We already emphasized that these
things don't happen by chance or by
accident.  Almost everything happens
with hidden or hiding reasons, and most
of these reasons are ultimately for
spiritually good purposes.

As the old saying goes, “No pain, no
gain.”  Meaning without pain, suffering
or loss, there is no opportunity for
spiritual awakening or enlightenment.
As we should know, most crises are
really opportunities to change
ourselves, to transform ourselves for
the better, with less limitation and more
freedom (especially spiritually).

The more we gain in terms of material,
the more we lose spiritually, and vice
versa.  We do not notice this spiritual
loss.  Interestingly, the more material
we lose, the better our awareness
becomes, but only if we choose the
spiritual path.  With this new sense of
spiritual awareness, we will notice the
spiritual gain.

Christ Said we cannot serve
two masters at the same time.  
Meaning we can’t have materials and
spirituality both be our masters at the
same time.  By choosing to pursue
materials, we are unnaturally allowing
temporary illusions (or things) to run
our lives.  By choosing to practice
spirituality, we are naturally allowing
our true self (soul) to be our master.