1.)  As GOD Already Selflessly Served
and Sacrificed; Giving Everything for
each and all living beings on Earth;
Always for the Greatest Common Good,
especially the 4th kingdom, or human

So, as return, by
giving back
corresponding and proportionate
selfless service and sacrifice –
mankind given righteous and blessed
opportunity ( through free will ) to
become co-workers with God, to fulfill
God’s Plans for All Good; out of one's
Loving Understanding, Gratitude and

2.)  As for Total Justice, mankind must
in turn 'respond and return' what we
Owe to God through
selfless service
and sharing.
 If no returning back
everything mankind has Taken from
God, then there is No Justice at all.

Whenever No Justice,
never have Peace
Chapter 34

Pure Reasons for Selfless Service
to God and Humanity

Welcome back dear sisters and

A.  "Why Selfless Service?"

Let us first ask the question:

"Why should mankind selflessly
serve for God and humanity?"

For the following pure and absolutely
reasonable, Reasons