2.)  LMW: Every mankind on Earth is
only a
traveler (or sojourner,
or temporary visitor)–

a.)  Everyone
must eventually depart
from Earth – yet no one can take their
so-called “private”: home and things
with them.

b.)  We come into this world “alone and
naked” (brought nothing) – and when
must depart, we return similarly to the
Soul World “alone and naked”

***c.)  Only those who achieved
and Continuous
Expanding of own Inner Higher

i)  Only THAT Truly Belongs to them;

ii)  Because can take their Higher
Consciousness with them wherever
they go (even beyond Earth)
Light Middle Way Update
May 2017

*** Important Reminders ***

Regarding false sense of ‘private
property ownership’ – hindering
mankind’s Higher Evolution; lead to
become ‘unfit and left-behind’

Brothers and Sisters,

Lord warned that:

a.)  There is no such thing as
‘private home ownership’ in the
Universe, and on Earth–

b.)  Because nothing can really be own
by someone—as authentic forever