(E)  Cause and Effect (2):

1.)  Homelessness and Opportunity for
Spiritual Achievements.

2.)  By Total and Continuous Selfless

a.)  lead to Achievement of
‘Resurrection of the Spirit’;

b.)  lead to Fiery Transmutation and

c.)  in turn, ‘Awakening and continuous
Expanding of inner consciousness’;

d.)  lead to Full Illumination;

e.)  eventually follow by Melting,
Merging and Synthesis of All Energies,
Consciousnesses and Fires.
7.)  From self-love, self-pity,
self-righteous & self-serving–

TO  Total self-Forgetting,
(own false personality)
& Selfless Services for All Good

8.)  From ‘Dweller on the Threshold’
by ignorance and selfishness–

TO  Full Expression & Manifestation
as Solar Angel, by True Knowledge
and Selfless Service

9.)  From instinctual small lowest
to The Highest
Cosmic Consciousness

10.)  From
tamas (or inertia) of
to Rajas (or Mobility)
of Solar Angel

11.)  From
Solar Angel  to ""Ultimate
AUM"", as Harmonious Rhythm