*** But each & every
""New Group of World Servers""
still needs to singly-focus & carry
out ""Lord’s assigned task(s)""

***5.)  Lord warned about:

*a.)  One should ONLY having
ONE True teacher;

*b.)   NOT have even two spiritual
teachers (at the same time)
especially now at End Times—

*c.)  Due to the danger and
undesirable consequences of
* of powerful
spiritual energies
*c.)  Daily, Continuous: Selfless
Services (or Labors)

i)  By ""Goal-Fitting"": Thoughts,
Speeches and Actions

ii)  For God and ‘Good for All’

*3.)  NOT BE: hindering, obstructing,
misguiding, misdirecting and
misinterpreting by Evil Wicked
‘dark ones’
—aka wolves clothing in
lamb skins
, or false spiritual teachers !!!

*4.)  The only exception (to #1)
is to join and cooperate with own
authentic spiritual group of
""New Groups of World Servers""
* Agni Yoga, Aum, 546.