b.)  Regardless, and no matter if they
are true or false societies;

***c.)  As we should be single-
focusing on ""Lord’s assigned

*d.)  Which is most important for:
disciples, world servers, even
spiritual seekers;

***2.)  In order to..

Have and preserve one’s
Essentially Important

)  Free, Correct and Righteous

*b.)  Independent Thinking and
Actions—in line with Lord’s True
Light Middle Way Update
February 2017

*** Important Reminders ***

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Master DK reminded that,
all disciples should NOT join any
earthly: societies, groups, parties
or institutions
—this includes of
course, Illuminati.

LMW: Because we noticed late
last year, they posted a new website
through social media and Internet;
and recently began advertising and
recruiting new members.

a.)  So be mindful of what Master DK
mentioned about -- associating,
affiliating and joining worldly: societies,
groups, factions, organizations, etc..