As Souls, we all choose to reincarnate
for the same reason: to serve God!
That is the real purpose of life

You are at an extremely important
point in your life now. Lord said
Golden Opportunity is only once,
no more second time

As Lord’s Teachings instruct us to
assist all sincere and serious spiritual
seekers, we are ready to serve you.
We fully respect your free will. If you
have any questions, please let us
know. Spirituality is most serious for
us, not worldly. It is about God.
You deserve the most direct and
assured way to God.

This spiritual golden opportunity is only
achievable through selfless service to
God, group cooperation and group

For very good reason, pursuing
liberation (Moksha) can no longer
establish a direct connection to God.

Our ultimate sincere wish is for you to
timely make your spiritual goal within
this present lifetime. We are living in
an extraordinary time! We are at the
crossroad now, the end of Kali Yuga,
and the beginning of Sathya Yuga,
or Age of Enlightenment, or Age of
Aquarius, or Golden Civilization, which
is about group service, group sharing,
and sisterhood and brotherhood