We humbly assure you that we have
direct connection to Lord. It is only
through proven sincere and genuine
selflessness that a direct connection is
attained, and we practice sincere and
genuine selflessness every moment.
These are not our own Teachings. By
sharing we can serve God. Through
Light Middle Way, we share God's
True Teachings.

We are absolutely fortunate to have
True Teachings from Krishna, Christ,
Fifth Buddha, or Lord Maitreya.  

Please visit:
https://share-international.info )
to learn more about His Return.

After our affirmed, inner spiritual
transformation by spiritual Awakening
by strong determination, we formed the
website Light Middle Way in 2006. Our
only purpose is to serve God and
humanity, by sharing everything we
can, and everything we have, out of
Love and gratitude to God.
October 7, 2015

Namaste Pragnya,

We are a spiritual Awakening group
with practical spiritual experiences.
want to share and serve spiritually.

We very much admire what you are
doing. You deserve our best effort and
service. We want to share our spiritual
fortune and blessing. Especially with
those who are truly sincere and
genuine. Through selfless sharing, we
are strongly determined to serve you
and to fulfill our spiritual responsibility.  
We are never spiritually selfish or

We have no personal desire or agenda.
We are only serving God as a small