In fact, free will is actually only two
: we can choose to be
Selfless or selfish.
 Everything we
do, say or think is just the reflection of
whether we choose to be Selfless or
When we choose Selfless,
we choose God, so it is the choice
of God.
 When we are selfish, we are
actually going against God.  If God is
absolute Selflessness, then
selfishness is the opposite of God.

Intention is the only thing that
counts in life.
 Karma is based only
on our intentions because intention is
the source of what we do, say or think.  
For example, a wealthy person is able
to donate more money than most
people.  However, if that person
donates in order to gain anything
(fame, reputation, etc.), then the
original intention is selfish even though
in society people mistakenly think he is
doing a good deed.  
We always try our
best to pretend through our speech or
.  But we can never hide our
intentions and thoughts from God,
the Divine and even ourselves.
This is the most important choice in
the history of humanity, and this is
the only choice that matters in life.
There is only one choice we need to
choose in life:  The choice of God (or
Selfless or Love).  We need to choose
to be Selfless (God or Love) because
choosing the opposite only guarantees
self destruction.

This is the true purpose of life.
incarnation, we have the opportunity to
prove our worthiness by choosing to be
.  Once we choose to be
Selfless, we have begin the process of
evolving beyond the requirements of
reincarnation (Immortality).  
Love is the only fountain of youth.

The only free will we have is the free will
to choose.  Choice is the only free will
we have.  Every choice we make
absolutely comes with consequences.  
Free will does not mean we can do
anything we want without any
.  There is a
consequence to every thought,
speech or action.