When we are in harmony (Selfless
or Love) with the whole universe,
we are efficiently evolving in unity
with the whole universe.
when we are not in harmony (selfish)
then we are not evolving at all, and we
are not even in unity with ourselves
physically, emotionally, mentally and
spiritually.  When we are selfish we will
always have disharmony: physically,
emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The whole universe is interconnected
so there is always a Divine Plan for the
Spiritual Evolution and harmony of all.  
For the greater good, no individual can
postpone their own Divine Final
Remember the universe does
not revolve around us, and we are not
the center of the universe

If we choose God or Selfless Love, we
will be most fortunate; but if we choose
selfish, we will definitely be most
unfortunate.  If we make the choice of
God (Selfless or Love), we will be most
fortunate physically, emotionally,
mentally and spiritually.
Humanity and each individual are
already in the most critical and urgent
moment ever.  Now is the time for the
final choice for each individual.  
must make this final choice honestly
and sincerely now
.  We must make this
final choice ourselves now.

Postponing to make a choice, being
complacent, indifferent or sitting on the
sidelines are not options.  We must
choose now.  
This Divine Final
Choice deadline is absolute and
the deadline is now.

The whole universe evolves through
cycles for the purpose of Spiritual
Evolution.  We are currently at the end
of an extremely important cycle for
humanity, the planet, etc and now is the
time for the Divine Final Choice, which
is given to us because of the Love of
God.  The Love of God is giving us the
final opportunity (or chance) to choose
to be: in harmony with the whole
universe, or not in harmony.  Selfless
Love is harmony and selfishness is not