(v)  technology development centers,

***(vi)  even government: authorities,
agencies and officials.

In other words, beware of
focus-scattering and distracting by
amoral, malevolent, mundane,
profane and earthly—

a.)  recent gossip news about
celebrities, personal affairs and sex

b.)  wrong use of electronic
technologies like ‘smartphones’,
robotics & artificial intelligence—
are trapping intellect-focused ones

c.)  fear-based news—real
and false,
invented and manufactured:
massacres, terrors and tragedies
***3.)  LMW: So We Must Alertly,
Constantly and Daily

***a.)  Practising ""Strict SINGLE"":
Attention, Concentration, Focus
and Thought (for Selfless Spiritual
Service and Striving)

***b.)  Totally Free From All:
various kinds of earthly: temptations,
traps and things—created and invented
on purpose by Evil Wicked dark ones—
for continuously and daily feeding to
through their corrupt*:

(i)  entertainment industries,

(ii)  mainstream medias,

(iii)  various websites,

(iv)  educational: schools, universities,
organizations, establishments and
* by degeneration, degradation and distortion
of all: natural, original and true.
For example, wrong use of artificial intelligence. The correct purpose of AI is to facilitate and serve
mankind’s evolving consciousness;
never to control, take over, substitute or replace Higher Evolution.