(ii)  For already achieved from past
—need usually a few years to
Re-Awaken own Inner Consciousness.

Please note: there are no uniformly
fixed time requirements
depends and varies (shorter or longer)
according to each one’s:

(i)  Karmic link to Lord and Members of
Spiritual Hierarchy,

(ii)  individual karma,

(iii)  past life spiritual achievement,

(iv)  level of consciousness,

(v)  degree of spiritual striving,

(vi)  quality of service, and so forth.. )
(E)  ""Single-Focus: Attention and

To All Wholeheartedly and
Continuously: Striving and Practising
(according to Lord’s True Teaching)
Disciples and Spiritual Seekers,

1.)  As we have extremely limited,
important and precious time now—

To timely achieve:
Spiritual Awakening and continuous
expanding of inner consciousness;

Lead to attain: ""Union with
Higher Self (or Spiritual Soul, or
Buddha / Christ Principle"");

For new aspiring seekers (without
past spiritual attainment)—need at least
7 years to achieve Spiritual Soul Union.