Some of them gather together at least
once a year – to share their nomadic or
‘alternative living’ experiences, with
potluck meals, outdoor games, music
and singing.

They correctly renounced to pursue the
false sense of private ownership of
homes (the so-called ‘American
dream’), but they are still pursuing
temporary worldly happiness—by

Without having to take
self full
—by comfortable and free
mortgage debt burden living only!

So they can feel like "free", gather
at campfires, only having fun for
themselves, and wasting their precious
time and lives—very similar to hippies
(or youth counterculture during the
Light Middle Way Update
December 2017

Blessings to all our visiting Brothers,
Sisters, Seekers and Readers—always
wishing each and all mankind to timely
achieve Spiritual Soul Union

* * *

Section I.

(A)  Regarding some Americans
who renounced private home
ownership, but still pursuing
spiritually-degenerated ways of

In the United States, it is estimated
that there are over 6 million people
(approximately 1.8% of whole
population) living in non-traditional
housing (such as mobile homes, vans
and boats).