-•- *** Important for disciples

)  Disciples should:

*a.)  Use own correct and
correspondent discernment (or
discrimination) in distributing the
books on Spiritual Hierarchy.

(i)  Because many will not accept
Spiritual Hierarchy.

(ii)  So must not impose such ideas on
those whose consciousness is clouding.

(iii)  Only the
free will can, in time –
prompt one toward great Unity

(iv)  Thus, disciples can observe the
direction of Our Inner Life
-•- Time of Unification (or

6.)  Each age has its times of discord,
and also its times of unification.

7.)  Therefore, now is for preparing ‘the
time of unification’.

*8.)  For helping to ""harmonize a
divided and divisive humanity—by

*9.)  In this
action of unification is

*a.)  The concept of
Great Service,

*b.)  The idea of
Spiritual Hierarchy.

*10.)  Urusvati knows that working with
is a Great Service and a
reverence of Spiritual Hierarchy