(# 92.) Essential unification of ideas

1.)  Every single True Teaching has
been rent [torn] by distortion.

3.)  Even the Teaching given late in the
last century [1800s], has already split
into many rival groups

3.)  As so many:

(i)  Divisive ideas have permeate the

(ii)  Different and random names for
one same thing,

a.)  We must seek the common thread
of truth in all concepts;

b.)  And not allow further division.
-•- Apparatuses [or devices] that
broaden the capacity of heart

12.)  In Our Community, We use special
apparatuses to broaden the capacity of
the heart [or inner consciousness].

13.)  We would be happy to share this
knowledge freely – but human hands
would only cause heartache

***14.)  Precautions:

)  Without having full control of
one’s thoughts, should not use
these apparatuses
– otherwise, the
heart will be overburdened

*b.)  In addition – the surrounding
conditions should be suitable.