***3.)  Higher Inspirational Thoughts:

a.)  A great measure of higher
inspirational thoughts—can see
throughout the centuries.

***b.)  Determines the degree of

***c.)  Remains with those given
task for great sacrifice
[by their
holding higher inspirational thoughts].

d.)  We [SH] help such lofty

e.)  Only with ‘Eyes of own Heart’ can
see if there are still more ways to
increase own Striving to Fullness.

f.)  Such Fullness gives birth to the
Music of Spheres.
(# 91.)  Full and Total Striving

1.)  Urusvati knows the ways of striving.

Higher, Full & Total Striving

a.)  Can Achieve by own Inner
Consciousness (in Heart)

b.)  Cannot command by the intellect !

[ Notes: Cannot achieve without holding
Goal-fitting or Higher Inspirational
; then Striving becomes
through Heart and very powerful –
because subtle energy will supplying in
! ]