-•- Establishing contact with Us*

6.)  There was a time when We
preferred not to tell people how to
communicate with Us;

7.)  But now, We find it necessary to
remind people that—

""We are ready to help them,
when conditions are appropriate"".

8.)  We wish to establish as many
conditions as possible – that will
facilitate [make easier] normal contact
with Us.

*a.)  Those who study the Teachings
attentively – can understand the way of
Communion with Us.

*b.)  The previous books mention many
conditions that ""promote the
harmonizing of human inner
5.)  Even in Our Abode

*a.)  Must apply earthly laws.

*b.)  Must respect the Laws of the

c.)  But most people:

(i)  do not want to understand this.

(ii)  think everything is either:
possible or impossible.
* Spiritual Hierarchy