4.)  Dangers to earthly body:

a.)  The conditions of life do not allow
frequent use of [above-mentioned]
natural possibilities.

b.)  Can harm eyesight.

c.)  This complex of energy requires
careful application – because can
provoke calamities if apply wrongly

d.)  Even We [SH*] must apply and
experiment cautiously, when in physical
(# 90.)  Must experiment cautiously
when in earthly body

1.)  To perceive previous incarnations
within the earthly body,
need 2 conditions:

a.)  An extraordinary intensification of
psychic energy.

b.)  Tension of the optic nerves.

2.)  Then bring forth the images of
former lives from ""the depths of radiant

3.)  And just like a kaleidoscope–

a.)  These separate fragments join
together to form a complete picture.

b.)  Possible to see many remarkable
* Spiritual Hierarchy